How To Get You Free ISBN (International Standard Book Number) Part One

Whether your published work is a printed book, an ebook, an audiobook, or an educational or instructional DVD, you will require an ISBN. An International Standard Book Number or ISBN is a unique thirteen-digit numerical identifier used worldwide to identify your publication. It’s similar to the scannable bar codes you find on every package at your local supermarket and retail stores. You know, the ones that make the cash registers beep.

An ISBN is required to sell and distribute a publication. As a Canadian publisher, you can acquire an ISBN easily and free of charge from ISBN CANADA. The service is free and allows you to manage your ISBN for current and future publications. To apply for your free ISBN, you need to create an ISBN CANADA account.

For more information or to determine if you qualify as a Canadian publisher, visit  ISBN CANADA. To register, go to “create an” ISBN Canada account.

Need help generating a jpeg, gif, or png of your bar code? Go to ONLINE BARCODE GENERATOR.

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