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Every Story Starts With One Thought

Millions of books go unwritten every year because writers are waiting to formulate the perfect storyline. Sound familiar? If it does, don’t wait any longer. Get yourself in front of your laptop, now, and start typing because the perfect plot, the perfect characters, the flawless manuscript will only come when you do. Every story starts with one thought, and that thought could originate anywhere. My The … Continue reading Every Story Starts With One Thought

A Good Writer Embraces Failure

News Flash! Mistakes are unavoidable no matter how much a perfectionist you are. As sure as the sun rises every morning, you will find mistakes post edit, especially if you’re a self-publisher. The positive spin is that you will learn loads from your first book’s failings, and your next book will dramatically improve. The reasons for a product’s failure are many, and most times, it’s … Continue reading A Good Writer Embraces Failure