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Every Story Starts With One Thought

Millions of books go unwritten every year because writers are waiting to formulate the perfect storyline. Sound familiar? If it does, don’t wait any longer. Get yourself in front of your laptop, now, and start typing because the perfect plot, the perfect characters, the flawless manuscript will only come when you do. Every story starts with one thought, and that thought could originate anywhere. My The … Continue reading Every Story Starts With One Thought

Who Is the Romance Reader?

The romance book industry is extensive. Romance is the second most popular genre, capturing over fifty percent of the market. But do you know the type of reader that comprises that percentage? The general perception is that the vast majority of romance readers are women. That is true, but did you know that sixteen percent of romance readers are men. The romance reader’s age ranges … Continue reading Who Is the Romance Reader?

Check Your Work For Copyright Infringement

It’s always a good idea to check if your book title or pen name, among other things, has already been copyrighted. After all, you want your work to be unique, but more importantly, you want to avoid those nasty lawsuits. Checking your work against already copyrighted material is a simple free of charge process. Click on the following link to be routed to the CANADIAN … Continue reading Check Your Work For Copyright Infringement