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Every Story Starts With One Thought

Millions of books go unwritten every year because writers are waiting to formulate the perfect storyline. Sound familiar? If it does, don’t wait any longer. Get yourself in front of your laptop, now, and start typing because the perfect plot, the perfect characters, the flawless manuscript will only come when you do. Every story starts with one thought, and that thought could originate anywhere. My The … Continue reading Every Story Starts With One Thought

Can You Overedit?

I wrote the first edition of this article in May 2019. Two years later and five published books, I still believe that yes, you can overedit because perfection is impossible. I defy you to name a book where mistakes are non-existent. Even with the benefit of a professional editor, I’ve found errors in several of the books I’ve read. Typically, they’re minor mistakes, but they’re … Continue reading Can You Overedit?