Thank You For Your Support

  It’s fifty-five years in the making, but I’ve done it. I’ve put out my fourth novel, and I have you to thank you for supporting my dream. I wanted to pursue writing in my teens but was discouraged by my English teacher in the ninth grade. English was my second language, and maybe he was right. But there’s also the possibility he wasn’t. Regardless, … Continue reading Thank You For Your Support

Converting For eBook Publishing Is Simpler Than You Think

Converting your Word file for eBook publishing is not the nightmare you imagine it to be. You don’t have to waste your time converting your Word document into ePub or MOBI or any other format before uploading to the bookseller platforms you’ve chosen. Each site, be it Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, and many of the booksellers, convert your Word document into their preferred format. There … Continue reading Converting For eBook Publishing Is Simpler Than You Think

Should You Copyright Your Work?

  I debated over this for some time, and being the overly careful person I am, I, of course, researched it to death. The following is what I found out. Generally, in Canada, all of your following creative, original work is automatically protected by copyright the moment you create it. It is worth noting that it never hurts to keep proof of your work. It … Continue reading Should You Copyright Your Work?

Reading Can Lead To Writing A Best Seller

In today’s world of YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and so many readily available distractions, it’s challenging to set aside time to read. Still, if you want to improve your writing skills, reading is where it’s at. Make the time to read a romance, a thriller, a short mystery. Reread your favorite book over and over because each time you do, you will pick up something, … Continue reading Reading Can Lead To Writing A Best Seller

To Trust Or Not To Trust Editorial Feedback

Reading my writing isn’t fun to me, and I find no joy in the editing process. It’s why I pay (good money) and rely on a professional editor to assist me with the task. An editor, after all, is supposedly someone with the professional experience, knowledge, and the skills to read a manuscript and turn it into a better version. In my experience, this hasn’t … Continue reading To Trust Or Not To Trust Editorial Feedback

Overused Words In Writing

I’m as guilty as anyone of word overuse. Luckily, features such as control-F (find) exist. Make it a point to double and triple check your overuse of fluff words. While some words might be essential in specific contexts, most become fluff, clutter your speech, and become tedious for the reader. Tighten your prose by limiting the use of: ·    That – That is an unnecessary word … Continue reading Overused Words In Writing