Can You Overedit?

I wrote the first edition of this article in May 2019. Two years later and five published books, I still believe that yes, you can overedit because perfection is impossible. I defy you to name a book where mistakes are non-existent. Even with the benefit of a professional editor, I’ve found errors in several of the books I’ve read. Typically, they’re minor mistakes, but they’re … Continue reading Can You Overedit?

Which Publications Require An ISBN?

An ISBN or International Standard Book Number, is the unique numeric identifier that’s used around the world to identify books and many publications. If in doubt as to what publications require an ISBN the following is a list of items that do. AudiobooksBooks (printed)eBooks (digital books)Picture booksStorybooksGraphic novelsBrochuresPamphletsMapsPosters (educational)CD-ROMs (non music)DVDs (educational, documentary) Items that do not qualify for ISBNs are: Coloring books (with no … Continue reading Which Publications Require An ISBN?

How Not To Make The Lyrics In Your Writing A Costly Experience

Did you ever wonder why you never see song lyrics quoted in books? The simple reason is a small legal matter known as copyright. Just as you don’t appreciate your writing plagiarized without permission for personal or commercial use, neither do music artists.  Some writers think they can get away with incorporating lyrics into their novels without being caught. What harm could a couple of … Continue reading How Not To Make The Lyrics In Your Writing A Costly Experience

To Write Or Not To Write Your Dream Novel

The answer is an indisputable yes. Write your dream novel and write it now.  Your book doesn’t have to be a best seller or garner Harry Potter acclamation. It doesn’t have to gain positive reviews from strangers who do so in anonymity. The novel, which has been your dream to write, needs only to fulfill your vision.  I waited fifty years to write my dream novel, … Continue reading To Write Or Not To Write Your Dream Novel