The Persevering Woman

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The Farfalla Family Saga, Book 2

A continuation of M.L. Lexi’s The Determined WomanThe Persevering Woman, continues the saga of the Farfalla women, a tale of heartbreak and unbreakable will.

A celebration of a woman’s inner strength and perseverance to carve her path while endeavouring for inner happiness and lasting love.

Bianca stands to inherit the Farfalla fashion empire her mother built from the failing business left by her deceased father. With big shoes to fill, Bianca strives to prove herself capable of running the international company while navigating the cutthroat corporate world that sees her as nothing more than a trust fund baby.

Added to the enormous pressure weighing on Bianca, she must deal with the woman who appears in her life aiming to destroy everything she’s worked for and claiming she’s owed a piece of the company and her obtained wealth.

Facing professional and personal challenges, greed, lies, and betrayal from those closest to her, Bianca must hold fast in a world forever spinning from her grasp.

The Persevering Woman
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The Farfalla Family Saga, Book 1

Isabella Farfalla builds her dream fashion empire out of the sheer will to survive and avoid destitution while facing the man who aims to destroy her.


The Farfalla Family Saga, Book 3

The Invincible Woman is book three and the conclusion to The Determined Woman and The Persevering Woman, the story of three women’s will to persevere no matter the obstacles they face.


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