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The Fearless  Woman

Everyone lives with the unspoken understanding of their obsoleteness, but you’re never ready when it becomes your reality.

After twenty-five years with Sullivan Foods, feeling trapped and burnt out, single, middle-aged, menopausal sales executive Olivia Huntley pushes off her desk, walks out the front door, and doesn’t look back.

Without job prospects, a man in her life or friends, time and boredom fill her days. Soon, anger and resentment at everyone who had a hand in pushing her out of the job she devoted her life to gnaw at her, and Olivia decides to write the scandalous novel that will name names, expose their duplicity, and destroy them in the process.

Angry writing fills her days, but in time, Olivia embraces writing as her new career, and it heals her in ways she never expected.


The Fearless Woman
eBook ISBN 978-1-7771453-8-5
Paperback ISBN 978-1-7771453-9-2 

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