The Loyal Woman

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Love, duty, and self-fulfillment too often come at the price of one’s happiness.

By its very definition, loneliness cannot be shared, and Soledad has come to know that first-hand.

For too long, loneliness and unhappiness have touched Soledad’s married life, and she yearns for companionship and excitement to fill the void. How and where to find it is the challenge she faces.

The solution comes to Soledad by chance, and there is no stopping her when it does. Diving into a new life on the idyllic, tropical Topaz Island, she finds adventure, excitement, and the love she lacks with Carlo Moretti, an Italian sex god who fulfills every need and fantasy Elliot, her husband, does not.

Along the way, Soledad finds herself caught between imagination and reality, her past and future, Carlo and Elliot, and is forced to choose.


The Loyal Woman
eBook ISBN 978-1-7771453-6-1
Paperback ISBN 978-1-7771453-7-8

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