Self-Publishing Pointers To Consider

It’s only been three years since I made the decision to delve into the self-publishing world. Over this short time, I’ve learned so much. As we all know, aside from spending hours tapping away at your laptop writing, as a self-publisher your day doesn’t end there. Once you save manuscript and shut down your computer, you need to devote whatever time is left in your … Continue reading Self-Publishing Pointers To Consider

When Not Writing Read, Read, And Read Some More,

When I’m not writing, I’m reading anything and everything I can. I do it both for entertainment and as a form of research. When I’m working on a manuscript, I read relatable material. That is, I gear my reading to the genre and storyline that relates to the topic I’m writing about. For example, when working on The Unfaithful Woman, a story that takes place … Continue reading When Not Writing Read, Read, And Read Some More,