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Coming August 2023

The Deceitful Woman

Can two women who don’t know one another, but are connected by an extraordinary event confront the wounds of the past?

After losing her minimum-wage job, Madison Donnell shows up on Amber Fox-Roche’s doorstep out of the blue. Something more shocking? Madison demands money, room and board from the affluent and famous hostess of the scandalous Tell Me All talk show. 

There’s no way Amber will allow a stranger into her home, family, or around her five-year-old daughter, and she turns Madison away. That is until Madison tells Amber she knows what she did years ago and will tell all to the highest tabloid bidder.

There’s no place for Madison in Amber’s orderly world, but with the threat of Madison going to press with what she knows hanging over Amber, she’s left without a choice. Amber allows Madison into her home and life.

In time and unexpectedly, the sham friendship between two unlikely strangers turns from splintered into a heartwarming alliance and reawakens both their hearts.


The Deceitful Woman
eBook ISBN 978-1-990660-00-9
Paperback ISBN 978-1-990660-01-6

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