Every Story Starts With One Thought

Millions of books go unwritten every year because writers are waiting to formulate the perfect storyline. Sound familiar? If it does, don’t wait any longer. Get yourself in front of your laptop, now, and start typing because the perfect plot, the perfect characters, the flawless manuscript will only come when you do.

Every story starts with one thought, and that thought could originate anywhere. My The Guilty Woman novel began to formulate in my head when I saw the statement “OH GOD! OH God, oh God, is he dead?” in the book I was reading. That one line compelled me to open my laptop to write. I wrote whatever came to mind, and weeks later, from those few words, the storyline was conceived. Seventy-thousand words later, et voilà.

Get to your laptop and start typing. Now. 

Start laying the foundation for a book—your book. Write. Write and write some more. Read closely what you’ve written. I guarantee when you do, the book you were meant to write will come together. The outline will flow, the plot and characters will come together, and the scenery will formulate in your head. Before you know it, you’ve realized your dream.


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