Reading Can Lead To Writing A Best Seller

In today’s world of YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and so many readily available distractions, it’s challenging to set aside time to read. Still, if you want to improve your writing skills, reading is where it’s at. Make the time to read a romance, a thriller, a short mystery. Reread your favorite book over and over because each time you do, you will pick up something, … Continue reading Reading Can Lead To Writing A Best Seller

Welcome To Summer! ;)

I try to read as much as possible. For those super busy days, I have an audio-book on standby to listen during my walk or drive. Reading is not only a form of entertainment for me, but it’s conducive to my writing. Reading—or listening to an audio-book—contributes to minor things such as catching spelling mistakes to the more consequential vocabulary growth. This comes handy since … Continue reading Welcome To Summer! 😉