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October 1970

SARINA INSTINCTIVELY SENSED, she was going to die.
Writhing in pain, the perspiration beading thick on her forehead as she was rushed to the operating theater Sarina sensed it wasn’t going to be the routine caesarean they’d told her it would be.
She was twenty-three and she was going to die, and so was her baby.
How did it come to this?
For the past nine months, she’d done everything to ensure her baby’s wellbeing. She’d eaten the right foods, religiously taken her vitamins. She’d exercised and kept her stress to a minimum.
How had it come to this?

The Forgiving Woman Excerpt


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March 1948

THE AIR WAS raw and thick with death.
     A river of blood, still red and fresh, flowed from the man’s smashed skull soaking and spreading on the ivory carpet like a Rorschach inkblot. Sofas, chairs, tables, and walls were splashed red. Pearl buttons from Francesca’s silk blouse lay scattered in the pool of red, looking up like lifeless eyes, staring, judging, condemning. The coffee table Francesca had fallen back on when she’d managed to escape his grip lay upturned. Shards of crystal and glass from shattered tumblers and bottle sparkled like diamonds on polished wood.

The Guilty Woman Excerpt 2020


The Unfaitful Woman Kindle Cover 22wx36hAVAILABLE NOW


FROM BEHIND THE damask curtains of her living room, Anastasia watched the fire-red Ferrari race up the curved driveway. The unique famed roar of its engine pulsed, then went silent when it came to an abrupt stop next to the flowing fountain. A smile played across Anastasia’s face. Only one person could be behind the wheel of the high-powered sports car.

     How Tristan had come to be there when Anastasia hadn’t worked up the nerve to call him to tell him about Minnie’s funeral was anyone’s guess. The last time they’d spoken, Tristan told her they should go their separate ways and disappeared from her life. In the past three decades, except for their two-week encounter and the dutiful attendance to her parents’ funerals, Tristan slipped out of Anastasia’s life as quickly as he came into it.

The Unfaithful Woman Excerpt



The Blind Woman 22wx36hCOMING OCTOBER 2020

Richmond Hill 1991

ONE-MINUTE BOB and Mary Taylor, with their thirteen-year-old daughter Celeste, were on their way home after a night of merry celebration with family and friends to welcome 1991, and the next…

Their world turned upside down.

The impact of metal against metal, the grating, and the screams came when the oncoming Mercedes slid on black ice and careened into Bob’s Ford head-on. Celeste’s ears pulsed under the agonizing volume. Nausea rose so fast so sharp it stole her breath. Celeste screamed as the wave of panic swelled inside her, pushed up into her throat, choking her. Then…

The Blind Woman Excerpt


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