The Noble Woman

The Noble Woman Full Cover Design

The Noble Woman

A tragic accident takes the most important people from Alessandra, and her perfect life spirals into a state of depression. In order to revive her broken heart and fragile soul, Alessandra takes on the challenge of resurrecting the land by the Mediterranean Sea, thousands of miles from her home, which has been in her family for generations.

When Alessandra arrives on the romantic island of Sicily, ready to start a new life, she finds billionaire playboy Luca Santini squatting in her house and using her land to benefit his family’s business. Alone in a foreign land with no one to turn to, Alessandra seeks out the help of Daniel Di Blassio, the only legal mind willing to take on the mighty Santinis.

Luca and Daniel bring to Alessandra’s life the emotional stability, the love, and the intimacy she craves. And just when she thought her life was back on track, one of them betrays her and causes her heartache.

Now Alessandra must choose between the man she can’t trust, but whom she’s madly in love with or the man who will love her as no man has, but whom she can’t love back.

Her ultimate choice surprises everyone—even her.


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