My Inspiration For The Forgiving Woman Novel

The Forgiving Woman evolved from past experiences and the people who were an integral part of my formative years.

I had so much fun casting, developing the characters, and penning The Forgiving Woman that I couldn’t wait to get to my daily writing most days.

My lead character’s life is a combination of many of the girlfriends I grew up with and my high school experience. Luna Moon’s underprivileged but charming neighbourhood is similar to that of my childhood.

The high school Luna attends is as crowded and chockful of different personalities as mine was. The school bullies, the popular clique, the jocks, the nerds, the brainiacs, and the artists made high school a difficult place to navigate. Luna, much like me, is the odd duck who doesn’t fit into any one group. And that’s just fine with her because fitting into a set mould was never relevant to me and shouldn’t be for anyone. Being unique, my own person, not a follower, is what I aimed for and is vital to Luna’s character.

Much like me, Luna uncovers the talent she never saw in herself through others. Because sometimes, we fail to see our capabilities, and only with others’ help do we achieve the unimaginable heights we don’t believe we’re capable of attaining. I hope you enjoy Luna’s story as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.

​I hope you enjoy Luna’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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