My Inspiration For The Grieving Woman Novel

My inspiration for The Grieving Woman was the inspiration for The Grieving Woman was the photograph of three women I caught while photo surfing to “cast” The Noble Woman. The minute I saw the picture of three women, arms linked in friendship, the storyline of three friends popped into my head.

Conceptualizing the storyline, I tossed in a cup of my childhood experience, a few teaspoons of the friendships that touched my life, and loads of what I’ve learned in the fifty-plus years on this earth. And The Grieving Woman came to life.

When writing The Grieving Woman, I was on the many-different-emotions spectrum. I felt anger and sadness. I felt happy, and I felt tears.

Writing the last chapter of the novel brought me to tears to the point I had to set the manuscript aside–a few times—to collect myself before going back to it.

I hope you enjoy Emma, Jane, and Mary’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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