M.L. Lexi’s Good Reads (or Listening) – Nightshade


Nightshade is the third installment from Nora Robert’s five-book Night Tales Collection.

I’m a Nora Roberts junkie, but I’m not in love with this series. That, however, shouldn’t stop you from picking up these books. Life’s about different strokes for different folks.

In this romance, mystery, Roberts pairs PI Colt Nightshade with Lieutenant Althea Grayson, and they work well together. He’s the night in shining armour every woman wants, and she’s the tough, independent woman we all aim to be. Together they set off to find a kidnapped girl they believe has been thrust into the vile world of sexploitation.

My issue with this book is the seriousness of the subject matter being addressed in a short story. The storyline may have worked better had there been a more emotional focus on the sexploitation issue.

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