Should You Feel An Emotional Connection With Your Writing?

Should You Feel An Emotional Connection With Your Writing? The answer is a categorical yes.

An emotional association to your story and characters will make you more creative and produce a better, more relatable story. Feeling close to your characters makes their struggles, the pain and love they feel yours. That passion transcends into your typed words.

Although there is a superfluous build-up in my characters’ traits, I make them as realistic and as relevant as possible. I admire and like, and in equal measure, hate my characters. I make sure I’m enamoured and awed by my leading men because, after all, don’t we wish the men in our lives were more like the fictional characters in our stories.

As I type the words on my laptop, I cry, hurt, and fall in love with my characters and their stories. I ensure their trials of love, loyalty, and devotion feel real to me. There are times when the romantic scenes affect me as a real-life event does. Without this close heartfelt association, my stories wouldn’t flow as fluidly or come together as they do.

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