M.L. Lexi’s Good Reads (or Listening) – Night Shadow

Night Shadow is the second installment from Nora Robert’s five-book Night Tales Collection.

This book reads like a romantic interpretation of a comic book superhero. Nemesis, who bears superpower qualities—complete with vanishing capabilities—sets out to fight evil, and in the process, meets Deborah O’Roarke. I’m not into the comic book genre, and I, therefore, didn’t particularly find this book as entertaining as most of Roberts’ work. But then, written in the nineties, this is one of Roberts’ earlier works so, I’ll give her a pass.

The characters and plot are simplistic with a touch of Stan Lee, but the storyline offers its reader drama, angst, romance (the steamy type we’ve come to expect of Nora Roberts) and a touch of the paranormal.

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