A Crazy Way To Fuel Your Writing Is…

Hear me out. It’s a bold suggestion, some may say crazy and highly unorthodox, but re-reading and editing your old articles and manuscripts can make you a better writer.

Why ask you? The simple answer is rewriting will show you your progression over time.

Rewriting old articles or manuscripts written months ago can be a benchmark of how far you’ve come along. It will illustrate the vast improvement of your writing over the months, and there’s nothing better than a well-stroked ego.

Seeing how much you’ve improved over time will amplify your confidence and motivate you. It will persuade you to take risks and compel you to publish the novel that’s been stored in the WORK IN PROGRESS file on your laptop for some time.

Don’t get disheartened when reading your amateur work. Swear a little—maybe a lot—and see it as an “improve yourself” tool because it is. Flaws and imperfections are the gateways to excellence.

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