M.L. Lexi’s Good Reads (or Listening) – A Woman of Substance

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s A Woman of Substance is the classic saga of a destitute woman attaining her dreams. It’s a celebration of a woman’s triumph against all odds.

I read this book in my twenties, reread it recently, and found it just as engaging.

Raised in poverty, touched by death, and rejected by the man she loves at a young age, Emma Harte musters the strength to flourish and attain unimaginable heights in her life. Along the way, she destroys the man who renounced her and their baby all because she came from the wrong side of the tracks. Revenge is a dish best served to those who betray you. 

The characters in the book are relatable and genial. Emma’s story is inspiring and setting aside the grandness of her accomplishment, her tale is relatable to the female reader. It’s why I reread it at a time in my life when I needed motivation in my life. 

A Woman of Substance was initially published in 1979 but is as relatable and inspiring today as then. The paperback is over eight hundred pages, but I assure you that you’ll be hard-pressed to put it down. It’s a fantastic, motivating read for women everywhere.

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