How To Know If Your Writing Is Good Enough


Let’s start by putting your dubious mind to rest. Regardless of their prominence in the publishing world, every author has doubted the worthiness of their writing. You’re not a good writer otherwise.

To determine the quality of your writing skill, the first thing you need to do is write. Write about anything and everything. Jot down whatever comes to mind regardless of the topic or how it inane sounds. Write as much as possible. Then, write some more. After that, write more. Unleash the writer in you. Tap, tap, tap away on your keyboard, at your typewriter—if you dare to have such a primitive device—or put ink to paper. The more you write, the better you will get. Only by venturing into that writing journey will you determine whether you’re good at it or, more importantly, if it’s the path for you.

As with anything in life, your first attempt at writing will result in disappointment. To think otherwise is positioning yourself for a big fall. Cry it out, swear to your heart’s content—I swear by the bucket load. Studies suggest swearing and cursing are signs of superior intelligence. By that logic, my brain is in Einstein territory. But I digress.

If there is a writer in you, when you fall off that cliff, you’ll scale it, again and again, to get back to your keyboard. It may take months or years, but your perseverance will pay off.

You will get better at writing, and with improvement comes confidence—the greatest motivator in life. Keep at it, and before you know it, you’ll have the manuscript you can be proud to allow others to read.

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