Writing Is More About The Journey Than The Destination

Writing Is More

The more time you spend writing, the better you become. Add reading to raise your writerly IQ, and things will go right you.

Don’t hurry the process along. Writing should be more about the journey than the destination. The joy of sitting down to a blank screen and crafting something beautiful, moving, funny, heart-wrenching, or even just average is what it’s all about. Enjoy yourself. Don’t stress out about writing the perfect novel. The best way to fail as a writer is to devote all your time perfecting. Let your creativity flow, and your story, your characters, and the plot will fall in place.

Creative success requires vision and getting yourself on that keyboard, and getting to work is what’s important.


M.L. Lexi

ml lexi circle

#writing #writingtips #authorconfession

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