My AARGH, #@%& Editing Moments

My AARGH, #@%& Editing Moments3

Editing has become the most stressful part of getting my novel publishing worthy. It’s not cheap and a necessary evil.

You don’t want to publish something you’ve worked on for so long to contain mistakes. Also, for someone like me who deals with attention deficit disorder, getting someone to check my work is crucial.

So, off I went in search of an editor to suit my genre and needs. Finding the right person became a challenging task I never accounted for and cost me more money than I was able to spend.

The first editor I worked with was more eager with being paid than doing her job. I, unfortunately, didn’t find this out until I emailed her my manuscript, and in response, wrote me back, the countdown to payday starts now. At that moment, I realized I’d made a huge mistake contracting the work out to her, but my deposit was in her hands, and I’d signed the contract. So, I forged on.

One thousand dollars later, we parted ways. In retrospect, her poor attitude may have been because my manuscript wasn’t good. I wished, though, she’d been forthcoming. At least I would have felt as if I got some value for my money.

The second editor was very good. I immediately clicked with her. She offered valuable insights into my writing flaws, and her recommendations were always dead on. But then, as we got deeper into the editing process, she wouldn’t respond to my emails for days and ended up holding on to the manuscript for months before she turned it over. Luckily, my financial investment with her was negligible.

The third editor was pricier than the first two, but she was very professional. She answered emails within minutes or the same day and explained in detail the editing services I should consider. As a newbie, I appreciated her guidance. She set a timeline that worked for both of us and stuck to it. The one time she needed an extension, she immediately emailed to let me know. Her harsh evaluation of my manuscript drove me to tears and stopped me from writing—for days.

I decided she was exactly what I needed.

I doubt my experience was unique, and as much as I checked references and the fact that they were members of an accredited editing organization, it came down to a hit-and-miss situation.

After all the ups and downs, the aargh #@%& moments, in the end, my decision to edit was the right one. The last editor helped to make my manuscript good enough to publish. Better than that, she helped me become a more confident writer. My second book, I believe, turned out much better than the first one because of her.
#Selfpublishing #selfpublish #WritingTip #WritingCommunity



#Selfpublishing #selfpublish #WritingTip #WritingCommunity

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