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In today’s world of YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and so many easily accessible distractions, it’s difficult to set aside time to read, but if you want to improve your writing skills, reading is where it’s at.

Make the time to read a romance, a thriller, a short mystery. Reread your favourite book over and over because each time you do you will pick up something you may have missed the first time around. You may see a subtle difference in meaning, a new expression.  The possibilities are endless.

I try to read as much as possible. As a backup, for those super busy days, I have an audiobook on standby.

Reading is not only a great form of entertainment, but it’s conducive to writing. Reading or listening to an audiobook helps vocabulary growth and creativity. It triggers ideas and thoughts. At times, the passages you read become the inspiration for your next novel idea and lead to that best seller you’ve dreamed of writing.

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