When Not Writing Read, Read, And Read Some More,

When Not writing

When I’m not writing, I’m reading anything and everything I can. I do it both for entertainment and as a form of research.

When I’m working on a manuscript, I read relatable material. That is, I gear my reading to the genre and storyline that relates to the topic I’m writing about. For example, when working on The Unfaithful Woman, a story that takes place in a rural setting with horses and a stable, I read books relating to it. By doing so, I educated myself on a topic I, an urban dweller, had limited knowledge about.

Reading the work of others is not only educational, but it inspires you to write better. Consider it a form of research that contributes to the betterment of your writing. Try to devote the time you can each day to reading something, anything. Read for thirty minutes, for an hour. If you can manage it, read as much as you write. Soak up all the creativity you can from what you read. Creativity infuses inspiration, and inspiration leads to great ideas. All it takes to come up with that great novel is one thought.


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