The Secret To Becoming A Best Selling Author Is…

The Secret To Becoming

The Million-dollar question.

How many books have left you scratching your head after seeing them climb to best sellers? In my case, there are several authors who have left me pondering the fairness of life. Two, in particular, come to mind. One of those authors has had her books turned into movies that are equally as bad, but which did well at the box office. The other is a popular, enduring author whose writing is mainly comprised of the word AND.

Many of the reviews I’ve read brand their writing as unexciting, repetitive, mind-numbingly simplistic with obvious plots, and yet I read their books with much interest for the simple reason that both these authors clearly have a knowledge of their audience and their market. They have each managed to draw a large, devoted following and acquired success in a market that’s so very competitive. They have both clearly tapped into their respective markets to a level of success most writers can only dream of, and regardless of their poor writing styles, that deserves recognition.

Whether as a hobby or to make a living, you’re writing your books to sell not to sit on the shelf. If that means compromising your writing style somewhat, so be it. Life is full of compromises. If it wasn’t, I’d be living on my own island in the Pacific surrounded by turquoise waters, and sporting that tiny bikini I can’t fit into.

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