Get the 411 On Storytelling From A Dog

Yes, you read right. The Ultimate Dog Tease YouTube video will teach you in ninety quick, but entertaining seconds how to tell a story that keeps your readers turning the pages.

This short video has a wonderful, likable character, a simple, but entertaining story that teases you into hanging on to every word. You will not only not click the video off, but I guarantee you will end up watching it a few times.

If you can entrance your readers to turn the pages of your book as this video has engrossed you, you are well on your way to being a captivating storyteller. As you watch the video, consider the dog’s perspective is summed up by, “And then?” and “Tell me more, quick!” That type of great storytelling is what will keep your readers hanging on to every word of your story.

The owner’s teasing his captive audience, his pet, as he offers the various delicious foods to him evokes emotion in the dog and in turn you. After ramping up the teasing offer of food by his owner, you feel for the dog when he’s told in the end it was given to the cat. His long-suffering, endearing wail when he finds out evokes such emotion in the watcher it makes his struggle real to you.

This viral video viewed almost two-hundred million times is a terrific lesson in storytelling.

When writing your story keep in mind the “And then?” or “What happens next?” in your storytelling. That along with likable, imperfect, relatable characters is what will keep your readers turning the pages.

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