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RBP slow burnThis is the forty-fourth book in the Spenser series, and the fifth written by Ace Atkins following the death of Robert B. Parker. Atkins does an amazing job of writing, but I have to say that for me, part of the attraction to this series is Joe Mantegna’s narration. I’ve tried listening to other of Parker’s audiobooks not narrated by Mantegna without success. It’s that voice, that perfect-pitch voice, which pulls me in every time.

 In Slow Burn a year, after three firefighters are killed in a blaze of undetermined origin there are still no answers. Spenser, who is approached by one of the survivors to investigate what he believes is arson, doesn’t hesitate to offer his sleuthing talent to find whoever was responsible for their death and behind all the other fires, which have been breaking out on a regular basis all over Boston. The moment Spenser starts nosing around he manages to irritate some very dangerous people.

This is one of those books where although you know who the bad guys are and the plot is predictable it is nonetheless an entertaining listen you can’t pull away from. The characters are wonderful and Mantegna’s wonderfully animated narration makes it worth the listen.

FUN FACT: Many refer to Parker as the dean of American crime fiction.

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