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the bridges of madison

I recently caught the movie version of Robert James Waller’s best-selling novel The Bridges of Madison County on PBS and I liked it better than the book. This being a rare occurrence, I decided to reread the book to dispute this rare anomaly. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the reread, I have to admit that the movie interpretation of the novel trumps the written word.

This love story, depicted through the brief one-week affair between Robert and Francesca, is of two soul mates who meet too late in life and fulfill the love experience that each has been missing.

Although The Bridges of Madison County is a work of fiction, the story is thoroughly credible. Anyone of us could be Francesca, the lonely housewife longing to meet our Robert Kincaid to share a profound love—even for only four days.

FUN FACT: It’s claimed that Meryl Streep put on 15-20 pounds for her role in this film as a middle-aged housewife. Imagine looking that good with 20 extra pounds.

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