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Skin DeepDance to the Piper by Nora Roberts is the second book in The O’Hurleys series and introduces the fun-loving O’Hurleys, a family of die-hard entertainers with triplet girls and an older brother who grow up on the road.
Dance to the Piper, the second of this four book series, introduces Maddy, a free spirit professional Broadway dancer, and the youngest of the O’Hurley triplets. An innate optimist with a willingness to see the best in people, Maddy’s main focus is her dancing, that is until she meets Reed Valentine.
Each book deals with a different personality and therefore the different life issues that the siblings must confront. Although this book is not my favorite of the series, Maddy’s unconventional, down to earth personality makes you smile and makes this book an entertaining read.
FUN FACT: Nora Roberts wrote her first story at the age of 29. Her first novel, Irish Thoroughbred, was published two years later.

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