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The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks brings Ira Levinson a lonely, ninety-one year old in poor health together with a young couple, Sophia and cowboy Luke, for a wonderful romantic ride that in the end changes their lives forever.
Once again, Sparks’ storytelling, eloquent descriptions of emotions and characters, realistic issues in relationships come together into a seamless, powerful story of love and devotion.
The movie, which I’ve watched umpteen times, is almost as good as the book. Don’t be fooled by Rotten Tomatoes and Roger Ebert’s two-star rating. If you’re feeling like a romantic movie, settle in with The Longest Ride. An aging Alan Alda cast as Ira Levinson makes watching it well worth the ride.

FUN FACT: A quote from Nicholas Sparks “I grew up on powdered milk and ate tons of potatoes, though to be honest, I never noticed how poor we really were until I was old enough to take an honest appraisal of things. Even then, it didn’t matter. For the most part, I had a wonderful childhood and wouldn’t change a thing.”

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