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SG D is for deadbeat

D is for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton is the fourth book of her Alphabet Series and another great adventure with Kinsey Millhone.

A mysterious man asks Kinsey to deliver $25k to a teenager and Kinsey’s suspicious radar immediately goes off, but with bills to pay, she accepts the case. In time, Alvin Limardo, the mysterious man is found floating in the Santa Teresa surf. The cops rule the death an accident, but Kinsey determines it’s murder and she sets off to prove her theory. What she finds if more than she bargained for.

I thought the hook in this novel was a bit weak because why Kinsey would be so invested in finding answers for a dead convict is questionable, but I still found it an entertaining read. Why ask you? The thing about Kinsey’s character is that she’s average in every way and content. She’s a single woman who loves her independence and thinks her lifestyle is as good as her average income. She’s tough, kicks ass, and maneuvers her way in a male-dominated profession while remaining wholly female.

FUN FACT: Y Is for Yesterday, the 25th book in Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Series, was published in 2017, just months before Grafton’s death.

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