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Skin DeepSkin Deep by Nora Roberts is the third book in The O’Hurleys series, which introduces the fun-loving O’Hurleys, a family of die-hard entertainers with triplet girls and an older brother who grew up on the road.
Skin Deep, the third of this four book series, introduces Chatel O’Hurley, a famous Hollywood actor who has achieved fame, fortune, and beauty. Chatel now finds herself dealing with an over-enthusiastic fan whose obsession threatens her safety. In comes the handsome PI Quinn Doran to protect her and eventually fall in love with her.
I’m a Nora Roberts junkie, but the books in this series didn’t feel like your typical Nora Roberts book. The stories in this series felt more like a Harlequin romance with a darker side. Read and decide for yourself. As they say different strokes for different folks.

FUN FACT: There are more than 500 million copies of Nora Roberts books in print.

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