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The Stars Shine DownSidney Sheldon’s The Stars Shine Down is a rags-to-riches story à la Sheldon. The female protagonist, referred to as The Iron Butterfly for her strong character, becomes blinded by love and is weakened by it. Eventually, however, she rises to reclaim her The Iron Butterfly title.
Although this is not my favorite of the Sidney Sheldon novels, the plot is gripping and the story a page-turner. It offers the reader conspiracy, crime, family drama, intrigue, romance, and suspense—lots of suspense.
I’ve read all of Sheldon’s books, and he will remain my favorite author in the thriller genre. I’m in awe of his work and it saddens me there won’t be any more of his remarkable books.

FUN FACT: Sheldon had three decades of showbiz success behind him before becoming an international sensation as a novelist in the ’70s.

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