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The Last Woman

The Last Honest Woman by Nora Roberts is the first book in The O’Hurleys series and introduces the fun-loving O’Hurleys, a family of die-hard entertainers with triplet girls and an older brother who grow up on the road.
The first of this four-book series, introduces Abigail, the middle of the triplets, who at 18 marries the man of her dreams, a famous racecar driver who turns out to be nothing of what she’d hoped for.
Each book deals with a different personality and the different life issues each of the siblings must confront. Although this book is not my favorite of the series, it was an entertaining read that took me away from my hectic life to the comfort of Abby’s horse farm and her relationship with journalist Dylan Crosby.
I always find people’s critique interesting to read. One of the critics on Goodreads states that she thought this book was not smart enough. If you want smart you don’t read popular romance books, you turn to the classics. Popular romance is written for simple entertainment. They’re an escape to help you tone down your overly tired mind. And The Last Honest Woman is exactly that. It’s a sweet, but simple, easy to read story.

FUN FACT: 70+ million people in the USA enjoy one romance novel yearly.


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