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Converting a word file for eBook publishing is not the nightmare you imagine it to be. For one, you don’t have to convert your word document into ePub or MOBI or anything else before uploading to the retail sites you’ve chosen.

Each site, be it Amazon Kindle or Smashwords or Kobo or any other seller offers you their own software to convert your word document into their preferred format or will convert it for you. There will be some set-up work required, e.g. TOC or table of contents before you upload your word document, but don’t stress out on the converting file experience.

Amazon Kindle offers KINDLE CREATE software, which you will download to your computer. The download will take minutes. You will then upload a doc or docx format of your word document, and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. Once uploaded, you can proof your manuscript, make any necessary changes or if needed restart the process—as many times as you like. You can even view your manuscript on a Kindle reader or mobile device.

Kobo requires a docx format of your word document upload on their site. They do the rest.

Smashwords requires a doc format of your word document. The only challenge I encountered with the upload was the Table of Contents (TOC), which has to be formatted to their requirements. This took me some (arghhh #$@) time to figure out, but I do love a challenge and I (arghhh #$@) eventually did. The TOC generated by word is not suitable for Smashwords and must be deleted and replaced with a manually linked bookmark to your chapters. The process is not difficult just a bit time-consuming. Before you start, watch this Create a Linked Table of Contents video. The video is painfully long, but it will provide you with the necessary information on setting up your TOC.

Tip: On the Word document set the DISPLAY BOOKMARK INDICATOR on in order to ensure you’re bookmarking the correct content. Follow these simple instructions to set it on.

  1. Click the FILE tab located at the far left corner of your word document
  2. Click OPTIONS.
  3. Click ADVANCED
  4. Roll down until you locate the SHOW DOCUMENT CONTENT section.
  5. Click the SHOW BOOKMARKS checkbox under
  6. Click OK.


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