Birth of a Story

birth of a story

Often I’m asked how I come up with storylines. The simple answer is, they’re all around me.

I find inspiration for my stories everywhere. They come to me through comments people make. I sometimes visualize them in people’s actions. Often they pop up in my mind when I read that one line in the book at hand or in the audiobook I’m listening to during my morning walk.

A few words, an object, an action, a location can trigger an idea for a storyline in my head. That one thought soon enough turns into thousands of words.

It’s not as easy as it sounds though. From thought to finished manuscript, there are many challenges with the worst being writer’s block, which hits me now and again throughout the process. That nasty, depressing, frustrating feeling thwarts creativity, but giving up is not an option. Through persistence I eventually overcome it. The feeling when I’m able to scale that wall is the best feeling of all because when I do, words flow like a fast flowing river, and before I know it my story is staring back at me from a brightly lit screen.

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