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B Is for Burglar

B Is for Burglar is the second novel in Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Series.

In B Is for Burglar Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone is hired by Beverly Danziger to locate her missing sister in order to settle an inheritance, and as I’ve found with all of Grafton’s books, this one was an enjoyable read.

Kinsey Millhone is a great, likable protagonist. She’s a strong-minded woman, a reliable, competent PI who lives pay cheque to pay cheque. She’ll go out of her way for a Quarter Pounder and fries, but jogs when she can. She cuts her own hair, lives in a tiny garage apartment she rents from her elderly landlord whom she adores and is happy with what little she has.

As with many of Grafton’s Alphabet Series books, this novel keeps you guessing right up until when Kinsey brings all aspects of her case together.

Fun Fact: Before her success with her Alphabet Series, she wrote screenplays for television movies and hated it with a passion.

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