One Way To Fuel Your Writing Soul

One Way To Fuel Your Writing Soul

Depending on the storyline I’m working on, I gear my reading toward relatable topics. Given that, I mainly write women’s fiction and romance, my reading list consists of authors from that genre. For example, reading George R.R. Martin when I’m writing romance is definitely not conducive to fueling my romantic soul.

The Same goes for my television viewing. As much as I enjoy a good dose of murder and mayhem in my television shows when I’m writing I opt to watch romance. I find that reading and watching about the subject matter I’m working on sets my state of mind, and is imperative to my creativity.

Writing and reading, in my opinion, go hand in hand not only because it fuels the soul, but also because you learn along the way. You may pick up nuances about a scenery, people, places, and emotions you may not have thought to incorporate into your writing. And by this, I don’t mean taking someone’s work or ideas and passing them off as your own. What I mean by incorporating it into your writing is, for example, the use of a term, an expression.

For example, I learned how to write a one-sided telephone conversation by reading it in the novel. I learned how to incorporate music titles and songs into my writing while safeguarding from lawsuits by the artist from another novel.

Reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power, but never forget that your creativity is what keeps your reader’s coming back to your work.

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