Do I Feel A Connection With My Stories?

Do I Feel A Connection With My StoriesThe answer is yes, yes, and yes.

In the same way I feel a connection with my female protagonist—her struggles become mine—I’m enamored, bewitched, and in complete awe with the leading men in my stories. But then, don’t we all wish the men in our lives were more like the fictional characters in the stories we read.

As I write the words on my laptop, I cry, I hurt, I fall in love or hate right along with them. There are times when the romantic scenes I write feel real to me and affect me as a real-life event does.

Although there is a superfluous build-up in the traits of the characters, after all these are fictional stories we turn to escape reality, I try to make them as realistic as possible in order to make them relatable. In doing so, I can’t help but fall in love with them—especially with those thoughtful, gorgeous, romantic men.

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