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To copyright Or Not ToI debated over this for some time and being the overly careful person I am, I, of course, researched it to death. This is what I found out.

Generally, in Canada, all of your creative original work is automatically protected by copyright the moment you create it. It is worth noting that it never hurts to keep proof of your work. You should make it a point of getting into the habit of backing-up or storing all of your working data because you never know when it may come in handy.

If you choose to copyright your work, you will be provided with a certificate of registration that you can use in court as evidence that you own the protected work. The cost to copyright your work will run into the fifty dollar range per item.

Being who I am, I also chose to copyright my work in the U.S. with the Library of Congress. It’s a simple upload of your manuscript to register it with the Electronic Copyright Office (eCO) at a cost of around fifty-five dollars U.S. or seventy Canadian.

For more information on Canadian copyright, visit A guide to copyright or write to:

Canadian Intellectual Property Office Industry Canada
Place du Portage, Tower 1
50 Victoria Street
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0C9
Telephone: 1-866-997-1936
Fax: 819-953-2476
Email: ic.contact-contact.ic@canada.ca
Website: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

To register your work with the U.S. Electronic Copyright Office click United States Copyright Office to be routed to their website.

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