My Newbie Self-Publishing AARGH, #@%& Moments

My Newby Self-Publishing AARGH, #@%& MomentsI’m a hobby writer who blindly jumped into the world of self-publishing, and I have to tell you that as a newbie, my aargh, #@%& moments have been more than I care to admit. Until recently I felt as Pinky (the article image) does.

As I delve deeper into the self-publishing world in search of that illusive self-published light at the end of the tunnel that will bring me Nora Roberts recognition (chuckle if you like) I’ve decided to document my aargh, #@%& moments.

Why ask you? I figured it’s better than cursing at will. Also, I’d like to show you that you’re not alone, and hope you try to avoid my mistakes. If I save just one self-publisher from ending up like Pinky on the bench, it was worth the effort.


ml lexi circle

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