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Since my high school days—eons ago—writing was what I wanted to do. My English teacher told me I didn’t have it in me, and my counselor told me it wasn’t what my career tests indicated I should pursue. Those influential adults, whose professional opinions I relied on, led me into a career in computer programming, which was all the rage at that time.

In the end, I ended up hating the field of computer programming, and anything associated with it. Bills needing to be paid, I accepted the first job that came along and that’s when I fell into sales and marketing, a field that I never thought about, but one that seemed to be the right fit.

Now in my fifties—deep into my mid-life crisis—I’m giving writing a shot. If you’re doing the math that’s a one-eighty turn three times.

What I’m trying to say is, if there’s something you like to do, keep at it. You may be good at it or you may not. No matter, because if it’s what you want to do you will enjoy it so much that in time you will become good at it.

The fact of the matter is that if it’s something you want to try, don’t let others dissuade you. In retrospect, my teachers weren’t very inspiring, and my counselor, had she been good at her job, would have at least encouraged me to give it the old college try—if only as a sideline. And if I failed so what? I’d shed some tears, re-group once I was cried out, cross it off my TO-DO list, and get on with life.

At least I could say that I gave it a shot and I, me, not everyone else decided it wasn’t for me.

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