M.L. Lexi’s Good Reads (or Listening)

The Notebook is Nicholas Sparks’ first novel, and although not my favorite from his twenty-plus published works, it’s a wonderful cozy-up-in-bed heartwarming read. It has sappy romance, simple language, a beautiful setting, and realistic characters. The story of Noah and Allie’s lives as it spans to old age demonstrates how the truest form of love can see you through the most challenging tests life throws … Continue reading M.L. Lexi’s Good Reads (or Listening)

So, You Want To Write A Novel

Since my high school days—eons ago—writing was what I wanted to do. My English teacher told me I didn’t have it in me, and my counselor told me it wasn’t what my career tests indicated I should pursue. Those influential adults, whose professional opinions I relied on, led me into a career in computer programming, which was all the rage at that time. In the … Continue reading So, You Want To Write A Novel