Tap Tap Tap

keyboardA round, bright sun with a wink and a smile sprinkles light through my sliding doors filling my kitchen with brilliant light. On my backyard fence, I watch the two resident squirrels scurrying back and forth. They will do so until Mr. Whisker, the neighbor’s cat, struts out and plops himself down right smack in their path.

I watch this unfold as I tap, tap, tap away on my keyboard at my kitchen table—what I consider my office. I’ve always enjoyed working in open spaces instead of the confines of an office, which to me feels stifling.

I think and type. I erase. I type. I erase. I type The Guilty Woman, the title of my next novel. Then, the opening line rushes at me. “Is he dead?” reads the first line, and the plot to The Guilty Woman begins to form in my head. I let that stir in my brain, and as the thoughts rush at me, I decide to make myself a split pea soup for lunch. Because what better way is there to relax the brain than cooking in order for it to process new ideas for my fifth novel?

Cooking is one of the few things I turn to when I need a break from my typing sessions. And today I thought I’d make a green split pea soup.

This soup is comfort, doesn’t take much effort to make, and best of all it’s deeelish. (I threw in an extra E because that’s how delicious this soup is.)

In a large saucepan, I heat a couple of tablespoon of olive oil. Into hot oil, I pour one cup of green split peas and stir well for a few seconds. I then add six cups of water or chicken stock. One large peeled onion goes in whole. I add salt and pepper to taste, and I set it to boil on medium heat. Cook the soup for sixty to ninety minutes or until beans reach the desired crunchiness—I like mine with a bite.

I love this soup steaming hot, and ladle it straight from the saucepan into the bowl.

Buon appetito!

M.L. Lexi